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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Think We'll All Get Snowed?

    Ah, yes.  Really, wasn't it a no-brainer that the new White House Press Secretary would come from Fox News?
    After several days of speculation, the inevitable has come to pass: Fox News bobble-head Tony Snow has agreed to take over as Scott McClellan's successor .Snow, who had recently battled colon cancer, was awaiting clearance from his doctors. He's expected to be introduced Wednesday morning as the next White House Press Secretary .
    Props, Sploid.
    You know what I really enjoy about politics these days?  You almost always know exactly what to expect.
    I hate politics.  It makes me cranky.  I watch the news, I wish I hadn't, I go to bed, and stay awake all night long, my girlfriend becomes unhappy, then I just want to kick something, preferably in the groin.
    Therefore, to combat the political bent that this post unfortunately took, just because I was in a bad mood, here :
    You may thank Lifehacker for that, because technically speaking, they rock.



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