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    Monday, July 31, 2006

    Good for the FDA

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government revived efforts Monday to widen access to the morning-after pill, but only to women 18 and older, issuing a surprise announcement that it was reconsidering over-the-counter sale of the emergency contraceptive almost a year after it was thought doomed.

    The Food and Drug Administration notified manufacturer Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. early Monday that it wanted to meet within seven days to iron out new steps the company must take in its three-year battle to sell the pill, called Plan B, without a prescription to at least some women.

    Thanks, CNN.
    The apparent non-evilness of this particular move, given the FDA's long and glorious history of pure, unadulterated evil confuses me.

    Someone well-connected is about to, no doubt, make a LOT of money.

    Friday, July 14, 2006


    I found this yesterday, but figured I'd save for a rainy day.
    Although outside it's HOT, here it is:  Emurse.
    Emurse has got to be one of the most useful sites I've come across lately. Not only can you create a resume using their handy dandy template tool, but Emurse also allows you to download your resume from anywhere AND gives you the choice to instantly turn your resume into a web site so employers can find you.
    How found?  Lifehacker, kiddies.  I can't express the love enough.
    I've yet to use the service, but it suuuuuure looks interesting.  Lots of feedback as well.  I say check it out.  Template?  Download anywhere?  WEBSITE?  Yeah, baby.  Not to mention a mess of things I haven't mentioned yet.


    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Totally Uncorraborated, But YIKES

    At least one rocket has struck the northern Israeli port city of Haifa, hours after a threat by the militant Lebanese group Hezbollah.
    Now, I'm not saying that this is true, although with the escalation that's happening in the Middle East right now, I wouldn't be particularly surprised.  I can't find any other information, even on the Internet.
    However, if it is:
    1.  Scratch one country.
    2.  Hello, Iran.
    Go find out, people.

    Things That Make Me Happy

    How about the Steely Dan Dictionary?
    Ever wondered what a bodhisattva is? Or how to gaslight somebody? Then this site is for you! You're looking at an A-Z glossary of over 80 obscure words, people and places — all taken from the lyrics Steely Dan songs.
    Dude, you SO get a link from me.
    At night when we chase the Dragon,
    The water will change to cherry wine,
    And the silver will turn to gold,
    Time out of mind.
    - Steely Dan
    Ah, to be nineteen again.  Wait.


    Wednesday, July 12, 2006


    You might have noticed the cool little flags at the top of every post.
    Well, quite simply, if you click on a country's flag, this blog now translates the page!
    Try it!  Isn't that cool?
    What I don't like is that I have NO idea where I got this code.  As soon as I figure it out, I will post credits. 

    For All You Shaver Haters Out There

    I hate shaving! Thankfully I don't have the same problem as some other men which requires me to shave every day, but even at every second day it's a hassle. Is there anything simple I can do to slow my facial hair growth so that I need only shave, say, once a week at most?
    Metafilter, via Lifehacker, yet again.
    I friggin' HATE shaving.  I'm not sure of anyone that I know that likes it.
    Straight razors, anyone?  Where?


    Galaga, Gorf, Tempest, Defender, Missle Command, Ms. Pac Man.

    Hopefully, in that order.
    Microsoft announced today that due to the popularity of its downloading service for the XBOX 360, it will release one game from the 1980's era every Wednesday for the next five weeks. Available for subscribers through XBOX Live Arcade, the games will be updated versions of classic arcade games such as Pac-Man and Frogger. The going price will range from $5 to $15 per game.
    Rock on, DailyTech.
    That's sweet news.  Ah, the Golden Age of the Video Game.  But will this make me buy an Xbox 360?
    Not if I want a girlfriend.


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