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    Friday, February 24, 2006

    This Man Saved Your Life

    Nope.  Not kidding
    If you've never heard of Stanislav Petrov, you need to become acquainted. Why? Because there is a strong possibility that he saved your life.
    You can thank The Officer's Club for this nugget, snagged via the always cool FarkFark.  It's what's for dinner.
    Other people that I'd like to thank:
    Justin, who just barely avoided that car that one time that definitely would have killed me.
    Grant, who didn't flip the car when we went off the road.
    My Mom, who gave birth to me and ran my sorry butt to the hosptal several times when I had concussions and was on the verge of passing out.
    My Dad, see above.
    Thanks all!  And others.  Now back to our regular programming schedule.


    Simply Because I'm Probably Going To Do It....

    I give you:
    By the way, Hiya!  You miss me?  I missed you.  I've been busy, gone, but hopefully, not forgotten.
    Let me whet your whistle really quickly on two things that I'm going to be posting on soon, but probably not in a good way.
    Juno, and  Hopefully neither of those is coming up as a link.  And, because I'm feeling saucy,
    Get ready, boys and girls.  Daddy's home, and he's gonna bite back.

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Writer's Block - Ode To Valentine's Day

    Of course, I haven't written in a bit.  I must apologize.
    I've been spending so much time doing other things that I HATE doing, that I haven't taken the time to do one of the things that I truly love: writing.  This is why I write today; I feel the need to remind all of you non-romantic uber-geeks that TOMORROW IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR.
    If you were lucky enough to get off your lazy World-of-Warcraft playing, Domino's pizza-eating, comic-book reading booty and actually leave your dank, foul-smelling (but technologically advanced) apartment long enough to stop thinking about being a first adopter, and went out and actually met real people and *not* someone that you became acquainted with from crawling MySpace, you might now actually have a little someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with. 
    So, to remind us all, I give you.... Lifehacker.
    Okay, then. Probably those of you who have been in a relationship for any length of time realize that there are certain rules and regulations that go along with making your relationship successful, especially around High Love Holidays such as Valentine's Day, or as it henceforth shall be known, The Day When Expectations Get Sadly Out of Hand.
    I remind you, there is nothing those guys over there can't do.
    Now turn the computer off (yes, there is an off switch, I promise,) and go outside.


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