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    Friday, July 14, 2006


    I found this yesterday, but figured I'd save for a rainy day.
    Although outside it's HOT, here it is:  Emurse.
    Emurse has got to be one of the most useful sites I've come across lately. Not only can you create a resume using their handy dandy template tool, but Emurse also allows you to download your resume from anywhere AND gives you the choice to instantly turn your resume into a web site so employers can find you.
    How found?  Lifehacker, kiddies.  I can't express the love enough.
    I've yet to use the service, but it suuuuuure looks interesting.  Lots of feedback as well.  I say check it out.  Template?  Download anywhere?  WEBSITE?  Yeah, baby.  Not to mention a mess of things I haven't mentioned yet.


    1 Comment:

    Alex Rudloff said...

    Thanks Clark :)

    We're just getting launched and are most certainly a beta. Poke around and let us know what you think and what you'd like to see!


    Alex Rudloff

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