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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Second City? Not What She Said. Heh Heh.

    CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- A proposal to build a new 115-story building by 2009 could give Chicago claim to having the first and second tallest skyscrapers in the country.
    Via Fark, of course.
    A couple of comments.
    1.  Damn, that's ugly.
    2.  What's the deal in Chicago?  The first and second tallest skyscrapers in the country?  I love Da Boys, since I used to live in Chi-Town myself, but are they still compensating for that Cubs loss?
    3.  Do they still drink Old Style there?  Could that be the culprit?
    I can't.
    I just can't.
    Guess they should go for it.  Sad thing is, in today's world, Chicago's terror alert readiness now will have to go from Code Red to HOLY CRAP.


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