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    Friday, July 29, 2005

    I Like These Bands, Yet I Must Scream

    Before I do another post on the joys of failed relationships, (and oh, believe me, I will), I felt compelled to mention this:
    Bands That I Like Despite My Best Intentions:
    Chicago – Whereas, "Beginnings" was one of the great songs of its time, this group's career was also punctuated with some of the sappiest music of the modern era (see: "You're My Inspiration").   "Hard Habit to Break" was, unfortunately, one of the most memorable songs from my prom.

    The Bee Gees – "Night Fever" and "More Than A Woman" from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack were darn decent.  But God, also "Tragedy" and a bunch of tunes with Barbara Streisand.   Gak.

    Genesis – This band started out well ("Turn It On", most anything from Abacab, etc.), similar to Chicago, above.  Eventually, though, they splintered off into Phil Collins/Mike and The Mechanics and made music that wanted you want to kill yourself, and others.

    Feel free to post your embarassments as well.


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