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    Monday, August 01, 2005

    About Ex-Significant Others

    Ok.  I'll bend to popular opinion and post some more mess about my personal life.
    It's been about two months since I split with the mother of my daughter, and I must say, things have been... interesting.  The daughter has has a broken arm, numerous falls (some involving hospital visits), and an illness that made us take her to the hospital not once, but twice.  Near-nervous breakdowns have been part of the course of both mine and the ex-sig other's lives.  However, we have managed to at least keep it together, in part.
    I now give away money like candy.  Poverty is kind of a new friend.  But as long as the baby is ok, I'm fine.  I'm not happy that we broke up, as being single, which is something that I have not been for quite a while, kinda... blows.  But certainly, our split was something that needed to happen.  We had little in common, and that would have doomed us in the long run.  And that, my friends, was only one of our issues.  There were several others.
    My hope?  That we both turn out happy in the end.  At present, I suspect that neither of us are.  So there you go.  Suffice it to say this:  when you decide that you want to be part of a couple, choose wisely.  It very well may be that my major purpose in life, besides being the best possible father that I can be, is to serve as a warning to others. 


    L said...

    (((Clark))) you have more purpose... I hope it gets better for you soon.


    Anonymous said...

    "Serve as a warning to others?" bad way to end a description of your life! oi!

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