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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Holy Freakin' Crap

    New Orleans and the rest of the gulf coast is in big freakin' trouble.

    The storm is blamed for at least 68 deaths and that toll is almost certain to rise. Mississippi officials said at least 55 people were killed there, including 30 who were killed in an apartment complex near the Biloxi beach. Alabama reported two deaths. The storm killed 11 people last week when it made its initial landfall in Florida.

    While Louisiana officials have not yet confirmed any deaths there, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said there have been reports of bodies floating in the floodwaters.

    You want to help?  Maybe try donating to the Red Cross.  But make no mistake; this is bad.  80% of New Orleans is underwater.  If you have family on the Gulf Coast in that area, and a deity that you make peace with, pray.  A lot.
    I don't have anything else. 



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