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    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Blog Changes?

    I've been thinking about changing my blog, since I'm getting back into the blogging thing, and I'm interested to know what people think about:

    1. Content. Everyone wants to know the personal stuff, but the funny stuff is good with people too. Who's the winnah? I'm really interested in this, because this blog can be a lot better, methinks. Geek stuff? Love life? Life stuff? Et cetera? Give me your opinion. Note: I ain't postin' cats, so get that out of your head now.
    2. Ads. I'm thinking about Google Ads. What's your opinion?
    3. Template. I need to change it, I think. Does anyone have suggestions?
    4. Linkage. Not good enough. What am I missing?

    I'm curious. If you have opinions I'd love to hear them.


    L said...

    Well, I never get to "talk" to you anymore, so it's nice to read the personal stuff...

    But you've given me some good "geek stuff"...

    and it's always good when you make me laugh, 'cause I figure you laughed too.


    tbone said...

    I would like to see blogging about monetary policy and international relations.

    Barring that, I would like to see posts about which celebrities are the hottest.

    Anonymous said...

    gimme the dirt!

    and the geek stuff.

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