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    Monday, August 22, 2005

    40 Years Old, Never Been Kissed

    This weekend, I saw The 40 Year Old Virgin, a movie that I had no desire to see whatsoever.  I saw the commericals, featuring Steve Carell , and although I have previously enjoyed his work in the NBC show The Office, I figured, "Ah, I'm done with movies this year, dammit.  I'd rather stay home and play Starcraft and update my blog."  Yeah, people, I still occasionally play Starcraft.  So what?


    Have I mentioned before that I am a fool?

    This movie, also featuring supporting talent from Paul Rudd (think Chasing Amy), Catherine Keener, and a host of other painfully funny people who probably never knew that they were funny, was, quite simply, one of the funniest movies that I have seen in probably, oh, ten years.

    Single men will like this movie.
    Single women will like this movie.
    Recently married men and women will like this movie.
    Teenagers will like this movie too, 'cause there's a lot of cussin' in it.
    Even parents that have been together for a while will like it, because it depicts a stunningly realistic portrayal of what modern single life can be like.  Many times I laughed out loud.  The writers were dead on in this flick.  I must have met them downtown, just before I hit on that girl in the high heels but after my buddies had bought a round in 1998 or therebouts.

    Do not take your kids to see it.  But go to see it, especially if you fall in any of the above demographics.  It blows just about any comedy that you've seen since the eighties away.  Hollywood, watch and learn.  Make more movies like this.

    1 Comment:

    jaXed said...

    I just just JUST got back from the movie. I really enjoyed it as well, tho I thought it was a smidge too long in the middle there somewhere. It's got a 90% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes, if that means anything.

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