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    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Fighing The Man

    It's just looks catchy, doesn't it?

    Welcome, internet, to The Consumerist, the latest title from Gawker Media. The Consumerist loves to shop, and is reconciled to utilities, but hates paying for shoddy products, inhumane customer support, and half-assed service.

    Each week The Consumerist will guide you through the delinquencies of retail and service organizations. The Consumerist will highlight the persistent, shameless boners of modern consumerism — and the latest hot deals, discounts, and freebies around.

    Join us. You'll tell us when you've been royally screwed by yet another company, and we'll channel your rage. Together we will storm the revolving doors of faceless corporations to call them naughty words for genitals, and they will begin to fear us.

    The Consumerist. Capitalism is broken. We'll help you fix it.

    Heh.  I smell a permalink, and soon.  We'll see.

    The Consumerist.

    Go man go.

    1 Comment:

    ringloss said...

    I'm not sure I dig the "Capitalism is broken. We'll help you fix it." thing.

    As I see it, the "we'll help you fix it" part is part of capitalism. So capitalism isn't exactly broken.

    Anyoo, splitting hairs.

    It does seem like a cool blog.

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