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    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Addictive Time Wasters, Part III

    Today, I did a very strange thing and perused my junk mail.  Usually, I do this about twice a year and see what I missed.  Most of the time, it's completely useless.

    However, today I came across something different:  The Top Ten Time Wasting Sites On The Net.  On this page, popups and popdowns galore, so unless you're running Firefox or something, don't bother.  I took a quick look at the webpage; most of what I saw on there I had run across before.

    Not this, though.  Not pRon

    From the rules:

    There are actually no rules, just proceed to the next screen, until you are on the end screen!

    The only rule is not to look for walkthroughs on the net. It will ruin the fun for you, and this is what all is about.
    Don't try to impress others with solutions. It's no challenge to find those on google, everybody can.

    This is a puzzle game that is designed to drive a sane person mad.

    And rest assured, it IS a time waster.

    Good luck, people.  Truly, I mean that.


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