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    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    Why AVG Rocks

    Here's yet another reason to go with Grisoft's free AVG instead of one of those commerically bought anti-spyware/virus utilities.
    Oh, dear.  We're just getting over the Sony DRM rootkit ruckus and now we have a security company hiding software components from Windows APIs with rootkit technology. reports that Symantec Corp.'s spokesperson admitted to using this rootkit type feature in Norton SystemWorks to hide a directory so customers wouldn't accidentally delete files.  The problem was it could also provide a convenient hiding place for attackers to place malicious files. Due to the vulnerability, Symantec has issued an update for SystemWorks and is "strongly recommending" users update the software immediately. 
    Via the Zdnet Blog.
    "Gee, I never would have expected that."
    Yeah, right.
    I think AVG, for being consistently wonderful, deserves a shout out. 



    jaXed said...

    I use AVG. I just wanted to say that.

    Brandon said...

    Yes. AVG is boss!

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