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    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    Digg Dugg?

    I've never really seen anything like this on user run websites, but chaos is taking place over on Digg. As I have mentioned before, Digg is my favorite website out there, but after they banned me earlier today I got a little pissed. I submitted a story about a T-Shirt with the now famous HD-DVD hex key on it, and I was banned for "violating the terms of use".

    Stories were getting deleted and user accounts were being banned all because of a stupid HD-DVD copyright Hex code that can be used to unlock HD-DVD. Digg claimed that they could be sued and what not for it so they decided to censor all of the stories that had to deal with the key. The whole thing is just bull, you can't copyright a sequence of numbers and letters.

    Thank TechPwn.
    Well, as a follow up, digg has shut down story submissions. They have also turned off the ability for stories to reach the front page.
    This is quite the interesting thing to come home to after a 15 hour day.  Here's a little Digg background.
    ...and here's
    I am a member of Digg, but I haven't been there lately.  The geek in me finds this revolt... intriguing.



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