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    Friday, May 04, 2007

    Hoaxes On The Internet

    The way that you can tell that you've been on the Internet for a while is that you've at least seen or heard of most of these, highlighted today by Yahoo:  The Top 25 Web Hoaxes.
    Some old favorites:
    2. Sick Kid Needs Your Help (1989)

    4. Five-Cent E-Mail Tax (1999)

    5. Nigerian 419 E-Mail Scam (2000)

    20. Rand's 1954 Home Computer (2004)

    21. Microsoft Buys Catholic Church (1994)

    Funny how things change so much, yet so little in Internet culture.  In some variety, I still see a lot of these available on the Internet and in my email - some daily.  Do yourselves a favor, folks, seriously:  check before you send that email explaining how Bill Gates is giving away money for just sending an email.  Snopes is a good resource, and is conveniently located on my sidebar.  Oldsters will remember the old Usenet group rec.folklore.urban - from which Snopes was born.  These guys know their stuff and have been writing about Internet and other urban folklore, or urban legends, for years.

    Take a look.  I tend to do that before I believe anything that I read on the Internet.



    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    and then there's the one where you call a number to keep telemarketers from calling you for 5 years.

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