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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Quote of the Day

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 9 — North Korea came under international condemnation today after boasting that it had tested a nuclear weapon, with strong criticism even from its allies, but there were doubts in the intelligence community about the strength of the device.
    The United Nations Security Council today began working on a resolution condemning North Korea's action, shortly after President Bush denounced the announcement of the test as a "provocative act," one that requires an "immediate response."
    Mr. Bush said he had spoken this morning to the leaders of China, South Korea, Russia and Japan, and that they were all agreed that North Korea's actions "are unacceptable and deserve an immediate response."
    From the NYT.
    Yippie.  Things were going so well from an international perspective anyway.  Yay.  Hooray.  Hug your kids and enjoy life now, boys and girls.  The real fun is just about to begin.  You thought that the War On Terror TM has been exciting?  Just wait.
    Which leads to my verbatim quote in the comments from Fark on this wonderful development (reprinted with attribution):
    "rka: Jesus Christ, if India and Pakistan can both explode nukes and not use them on each other despite *their* history I think this situation can be handled without Seoul be leveled or thousands of US soldiers invading or millions of Koreans dieing."

    2006-10-09 01:42:56 AM thejoyofpi
    "Crucial difference: Neither India nor Pakistan are ruled by batshiat insane Bond-villain wannabes."
    Yes, you read that right.
    Where's Superman when you need him?



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