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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Political Ads

    Dear Politicians of All Persuasions:
    Today, once again, I turned on the television in the morning to look at the news and get the weather.  Unfortunately, today, more so than every other day, every political ad that I saw was a negative attack ad. 
    You see, as a past political science major, politics does hold some interest for me.  Election season, however, brings out the absolute worst part of the process: negative marketing.  I can't stand it.  No one can.
    I don't care who paid their student loans and when they paid them.
    They had a bankruptcy ten years ago?  So?
    Weak on crime?  What is that, actually?  Does actually mean that someone is pro-crime?
    Gay marriage is bad?  Evil, even?  Why?
    Mythical Television Campaign That I Expect To See Any Day Now:
    Candidate #1:  My opponent is soft on crime.
    Candidate #2:  I am not soft on crime.  But my opponent will raise your taxes.
    Candidate #1:  I never said that I will raise your taxes.  My opponent, however, supports illegal immigration.
    Candidate #2:  I do NOT support an invading illegal immigrant horde.  But I have heard from several good sources that my opponent kicks puppies when his team loses in football.
    Candidate #1:  I love puppies, and have several well-adjusted puppies of my own, but there are whispers in Washington that Candidate #2 eats babies.
    Candidate #2:  Those babies were going to grow up to be terrorists, and Candidate #1 knows it.  Therefore, Candidate #1 supports terrorism!
    Is this the state of political discourse today?
    Negative political campaign ads are a symptom of a much larger disease.  Democracy in the United States is sick, and getting sicker by the cycle.  Political candidates, be a part of the cure, and not part of the problem.  Tell people what you intend to actually intend to do for them while in office.  That's really what every voter wants to know, anyway.
    It's only for the good of your country.
    Isn't that why you're running for office in the first place?
    Shouldn't it be?
    Best regards, and good luck,

    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Since 75% of the population is having problems paying their student loans and can therefore relate, the MM campaign may backfire.

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