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    Friday, November 03, 2006


    SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (Reuters) - President George W. Bush challenged Democrats on Friday to offer their plan for winning in Iraq as he swept across Republican strongholds in the U.S. heartland to try to help his party's candidates survive on Election Day.

    Encouraging audience participation from thousands of Republican loyalists at a rally, Bush said Democrats should be asked, "What's your plan?" for winning in Iraq and a host of other national security issues separating the parties.

    "What's your plan?" the audience yelled back

    What's your plan, indeed?
    Alright.  Let's put events to a time line.
    1.  9-11 happens.
    2.  We identify al-Queda as the culprits.
    3.  Every politician in Washington decides to collectively lose their minds.
    4.  We invade Afghanistan, which makes perfect sense.
    5.  Despite having little or no proof that Iraq is involved, despite the fact that there were and are worse despots on the planet, despite Iraq having no WMDs (a word that somebody just made up out of nowhere), we invade Iraq with far, far too little people to actually do the job of stabilizing the area after our invasion.
    6.  In a surprise to only the most rigidly optimist or naive or our citizenry, lots of people die.  Lots.
    7.  Widespread Panic ensues.
    I'm all about supporting the troops, because, my God, they've been shot at and bombed to smithereens.  Equally, I can tell without hesitation that I am not brilliant.  I'm a very simple man.  It says so right at the top of the page.  But.
    How could anyone really have thought that invading Iraq was really a good idea?  Really?!
    How ridiculous.
    Even worse, now we are STUCK there.  Stuck.  As in quicksand.  Or quagmire.
    Washington DC, as a whole, has much to answer for.  Too much.  We have succeeded in kicking out a dictator and destabilizing an entire region of the planet.  We don't have more oil.  Terrorists are being spawned in alarming numbers in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern and African countries as we speak. 
    Time to face facts, people.
    We blew it.
    Every politician that participated in this garbage should be tossed, really.  But they won't be.  Worse, no matter whether you intend to vote for a Democrat or a Republican next week, nothing, nothing good will come of it.  Our soldiers will still be in Iraq, and unfortunately, they aren't going anywhere for quite a while.  Mark that as a promise.  Deep in your heart, you know that I'm not wrong. 
    Don't you?

    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    re: reutes article:
    "What's your plan?".... Truth is the Democrats can't answer that question," he (Bush) said. "Harsh criticism is not a plan for victory."
    Noone can answer that question. He was looking for someone to offer a solution. Send in the twins.

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