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    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Blog From Email

    I've been blogging from email for some time, but this particular app seemed quite well timed for me, especially since I have had so many problems getting that to work lately.

    Software blog Download Squad gives the scoop on BlogMailr, a free tool that lets you add posts to your blog just by sending e-mails.

    Glory be to Lifehacker! We love you, Gina.

    Incidentally, the link to the BlogMailr is right here. Yippie!

    I'd also like to add that you should expand your mind and listen to Littlefeat. I am doing that right now.

    Update: The first time I posted this today failed. What timing. In other words, you need this app.
    Update x2: The second time that I've posted this today failed. Arrgh.


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