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    Friday, November 10, 2006

    More Blogger Woes And A Shout Out

    Just so it's out there, for some reason, Blogger was blowing up my posts earlier this week.
    I only say that for those of you that were wondering, "Why hasn't Clark posted anything on Election Day?"
    Needless to say, things seem to be working again.  Ack.  If you posted a comment anywhere (this means you, L!), then you might want to repost your comment.  Sorry!
    In the meantime, let me give a shout out to all these places that have visited lately.  Lately I've been getting a heck of a lot of hits, and that I appreciate, but it's making it harder to give out the appropriate shouts, as the list is getting a bit long.
    *deep breath*
    Erie, Lafayette, Parker, and Denver, Colorado, Florida, New South Wales, Austrailia, Denmark, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (go Panthers!), Chicago, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Berlin, Newfoundland, Canada, Bainbridge Island and Gig Harbor Washington, Australia, Portland, Oregon (yes, I did go there!), Stockholm, Sweeden, and finally, my boys in San Antonio, TX - where I love my guys at KKD.  Keep on keepin' on.
    There's quite a few more, but my hands are tired.
    Keep coming around.  I'll get you listed on a shout out sooner or later.


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