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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Credit Cards...Of Doom

    A day late, I find that I missed this on the Consumerist.
    PBS has joined forces with the New York Times to reveal, "The Secret History Of Credit Cards." The show airs tonight at 9pm EST.
    The bad news is that special was on LAST night.  The good news?  If you navigate to the article via the handy link provided here , you can find a link to the online version.  That's The Consumerist for you. 
    Interestingly, myself and the significant other just had a discussion about credit cards last night.  Our advice?  Scan your bills carefully, even if you get online bills like I do... because every now and then, they like to sneak in a couple of extra unannounced fees (say, an oddly-named purchase fee), and if you call them on it, they might remove them.  She's says she's saved $150 this year that way.
    That's a lot of eggs and milk.



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