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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Actually, I'm typically very low key about birthdays.
    But today is mine, and I'm definitely not low key.  Why?
    All of the nicotine is out of my system.  The last cigarette that I had was Tuesday, and that was only one.  Therefore, it's all gone.  All that's left is beating the habit.
    What method did I use?  Nothing.  Willpower.  Cold turkey.
    Personally, I endorse this method, because lozenges, patches, shots, gum.... they all have nicotine.  That's the part that you have to break.  Ever wonder why cigarette companies are quick to endorse these quitting methods?  Well, I'm thinking that it's no coincidence.
    That was my birthday present to myself, and my daughter, this week.  I've tried to do it before, but for some reason, I think that this time it will stick.
    I'll keep you updated.

    1 Comment:

    L said...

    HEY! A belated HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you my friend!

    And, WHOO-HOO on quitting! I am so proud of you - one of the demons I am still fighting. YAY YOU!

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