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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    I Heard A Rumor

    SUVA, Fiji - The military ruler who led a coup against Fiji's elected government forcibly dissolved the South Pacific island's parliament Wednesday, installed a new prime minister and warned that he could use force against dissenters.
    Commodore Frank Bainimarama, leader of the country's fourth coup in 19 years, also dismissed the country's police chief, who had publicly opposed him.
    Armed troops entered Parliament and demanded senators end budget deliberations that had resumed despite the government's ouster. Bainimarama said he had formally dissolved the legislature.
    Every time I read a story about this tension filled situation, when I see the name "Bainimarama", I always think of a successful 1980's new wave girl band  and wonder, "What the hell are they doing in Fiji?"  Is that wrong?  Should I not be doing that?



    Anonymous said...

    Queen Liz II is the paramount chief of Fiji, can't she still rise up & take action like the monarch did (unfortunately) to Whitlam in Austraila? L

    Anonymous said...

    No, I'm wrong, no current Governor-General for Fiji. Even though she's still PC, I don't the Queen can intervene. L

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