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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    Candidate Handicapping

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is holding discussions about and interviewing potential campaign staff for a White House bid in 2008, sources say.
    That's on CNN.
    On that note, perhaps now is a good time to start handicapping the possible Democratic candidates.
    1.  Hillary Clinton.
    Pro - She's smart, rational, and has some measure of experience with the rigors of the White House.
    Con - See above.  Also, she's female, which, unfortunately, might be the kiss of death for her presidental bid in this country, much to our shame.  Also will nobilize Republicans like no other human being on the face of the planet.
    2.  Barack Obama.
    Pro - He's eloquent.  He's a fresh face.  He's the closest thing to a rock star that Democrats have.  Shockingly, he's also religious and pretty honest.
    Con - He's black.  That's a big problem, unfortunately, for the American people.
    3.  Tom Vilsack.
    Pro - He's a governor, which is usually a springboard to the White House.
    Con - He's an Iowa governor.  Very few people know who he is.
    4.  Evan Bayh.
    Pro - He's a Washington insider, and knows how the system works. 
    Con - See above.
    5.  Al Gore.
    Pro - Very intelligent.  Very qualified.
    Con - Ran once and lost.  That might be enough to kill any additional bid.
    All choices come with natural flaws.  Other people that should run but won't include:
    John Edwards
    Wesley Clark
    Brian Schweitzer
    My Dad
    So it goes.


    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    I nominate Oprah.

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