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    Sunday, April 01, 2007

    Happy April Fools Day, Google

    Those kids over at Google.  They're at it again.  Introducing Google TiSP.
    Sick of paying for broadband that you have to, well, pay for?

    Introducing Google TiSP (BETA), our new FREE in-home wireless broadband service. Sign up today and we'll send you your TiSP self-installation kit, which includes setup guide, fiber-optic cable, spindle, wireless router and installation CD.

    Wow, I want some!  Let's look at the FAQ.

    What are the system requirements?

    • Windows XP/Vista (Mac and Linux support coming soon)

    • Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Firefox 1.5+ with the Google Toolbar

    • Round-front or elongated toilet providing at least 1.0 gallons per flush

    • Use of automatic toilet bowl cleaners is not recommended

    Does my water company support TiSP?
    TiSP was developed with the support and assistance of a large number of major metropolitan water companies. A full list of companies that support TiSP is available here. If yours isn't listed, please contact them to verify their ongoing and unstinting support before you even think about signing up for TiSP service.

    Can I use TiSP if my home uses a septic system?
    Sorry, but no -- TiSP requires the use of a central sewer system to connect your home to the Internet.

    Uh, wait a minute.  Central sewer system?

    Let's look at the install.

    Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.

    Nice.  Nice one, Google!

    Ah, good joke, but they had me fooled for a minute.  As long as Gmail Paper is for real, then I'm good.  From the Gmail Paper website:

    Is it free?

    Yes. The cost of postage is offset with the help of relevant, targeted, unobtrusive advertisements, which will appear on the back of your Gmail Paper prints in red, bold, 36 pt Helvetica. No pop-ups, no flashy animations—these are physically impossible in the paper medium.

    36 point Helvetica?!

    *smacks head*


    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    I like the illustration of the guy in the snorkel hoding a cable, haha!

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