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    Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Stop That!

    What an interesting post.  Presenting...Productivity 501 - 17 things that you should stop doing.
    I personally enjoyed these nuggets:
    Losing Telephone Numbers -- Your cell phone should sync with your computer.  We are past the days where a phone only held 25 numbers.  If someone calls, take the few seconds to record their name in your phone, so it will be transfered next time you sync your computer.
    Manually Depositing a Paycheck -- That is what direct deposit is for.  If you spend 15 minutes every two weeks dealing with depositing your paycheck that is 65 hours over the next 10 years. Put this time to better use.
    Watching Commercials -- Use Tivo to skip them.  Use Netflix and just skip television all together.  Buy the shows you want to watch off iTunes.  If you had a friend who spent 20% to 30% of your time trying to sell you things you didn't really need, would you put up with it? (If you have a friend in network marketing, you may have already experienced this.)
    I have to say, on many of the items listed in the article, I have to agree.  I can add some suggestions to this, though, quite easily.
    - Stop giving every perceived illness, sickness, order or general disorder an acronym.  ADD.  ADHD.  EDD.  EPMD.  Gak.  Call things what they are.  In fact, overall, acronyms are a bane on mankind; instead of telling someone exactly what something is, the vastness of humanity is supposed to decipher an acronym every time someone says something.  Not everyone is an expert on everything, and people that insist on using acronyms imply that they are experts, when in most cases they are most certainly NOT.
    - Stop over medicating.  Let's be honest with ourselves, you and I.  Everyone is sick, somehow - depression, overweight, allergies, , insomnia, inability to concentrate, etc.  What's not true is that all medications hold the answer, and ingesting a bunch of chemicals into your body for whatever reason isn't always the lifesaver it's cracked up to be.  If you don't believe me, find a friend that's on antidepressant medication and read the list of possible side effects.
    - Stop under tipping.  I think that this might be a mostly American problem, but does anyone actually know what your average server makes?  I've been one, and I'm here to tell you; it isn't much.  Not only that, but waiting table can be HARD.  If you can't afford the 15%, perhaps you should eat at home.  Please, tip your waitress.
    - Stop Making Sense.  Ok, I added that just to make sure you are paying attention.  But feel free to pick up that flick - perhaps by using one of the handy ad links to your left.  I doubt you'll be disappointed.


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