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    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Rule 240

    The Consumerist (another of the fantastic Gawker websites) has a GREAT posting on flying and knowing Rule 240.  They explain:

    If it's the airline's fault that your flight is delayed or canceled or you missed your connection, whip out a copy of their Rule 240.

    Rule 240 refers to the "conditions of carriage" which specify the circumstances in which you're entitled to airline compensation.

    You can get meal vouchers, a hotel room, be booked on a substitute flight, or be given a full or partial refund.

    The article goes on to explain the flight rules for many U.S. airlines, so it's definitely worth the trouble to take a look the post.  Basically, first you want to do is 1.  Book a flight using one of the handy links that I provide for travel (they are on the right sidebar, and yes, I do get a tiny, tiny spliff for this) 2. Print off a copy of Rule 240, 3. Go flyin'!


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