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    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    The Bachelor Blues

    Here's an article that might just make all you single, newly single, and hopelessly bachelorfied men out there feel more than a little bit better.  Old but still relevant.
    Many women, mostly married, deserve our respect and admiration. Admired because some of the men these women choose to stay with are workaholics, alcoholics, debt-a-holics, online porn addicts or generally lousy people. As a side note, why any man who has a wife who is nice looking, not a nag and gives him the 'rule of his castle' (or lets him think he's the king…) would even contemplate intercourse with another woman or waste time perusing porn is stupefying. 
    Actual quotes from humans on this article:
    - I love this article.
    - This article should win an award.
    Choose wisely.



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