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    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    Look Who Wrote A Book!

    Well, well.
    The Washingtonienne chronicles the forays of Jacqueline Turner, a young woman who, after being dumped by her fiancé, heads to D.C. and proceeds to hump her way around the Hill in exchange for attention, money and drugs. In the end, Jackie's anonymous blog brings her life crashing down around her (see excerpt).
    Via Wired.
    Somehow, you knew that was coming. 
    Here's a book idea:
    1.  Young man flees a dead-end job in the Southwest that nearly gets him killed and goes to Washington to live with a female college friend.
    2.  Gets a job at a hot and prestigious Washington law firm, where everyone works and plays with equal fervor.
    3.  Plays, parties and dances his way through high-powered friends, low-powered partners, rich foreign diplomats, and overworked attorneys for three years.
    4.  Sex, intrigue, and danger ensues.
    Not that I know anyone that happened to, but I'm just sayin'.
    Really, I don't.
    Good for her, though.  Here's a link.  I'm still jealous as hell.



    1 Comment:

    tbone said...

    Is the young man, by chance, magical? Will he teach us how to live, and how to love?

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