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    Thursday, June 30, 2005

    Left Behind: The Video Game

    It's true.
    The Left Behind game series will allow play in the same End of Days fictional world as the bestselling Left Behind(R) novels, which use the prophecies of the Book of Revelation as a framework. The first title, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, is set in the future when the faithful have been gathered up and ascended to Heaven during the Rapture. In the chaos that follows, the Antichrist has taken the reigns of power at the United Nations and is gathering the countries of the world under his banner. But a small resistance, the Tribulation Forces, have formed to oppose Satan's legions.
    Boing Boing, of course.  Quoted link from here .
    I haven't read all of the Left Behind books, but I do consider them to be an interesting cultural phenomenon.  I have, however, read the Slacktivist blog of the series.  Might want to check that out.
    I've been a little remiss in my blogging lately, as life has interceded.  But be ready for a mess of new posts soon!


    1 Comment:

    L said...

    I hope that life has kept you busy in good ways!

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