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    Monday, May 29, 2006

    Families and Today

    Yep, that's right.  It's Memorial Day.
    Continuing a tradition that I started last year, I believe that I'll post this link to last year's Memorial Day tribute
    But I'm not going to leave you with just that.  No way.  In fact, let me post to this little Memorial Day nugget from the Huffington Post .
    For veterans, Memorial Day has a very different meaning than it does for most Americans. As a veteran of the wars in Kosovo and Iraq, it is a day of reflection and remembrance like every day since I have returned. While many will enjoy the nice weather, have barbeques, and dip into a pool for the first time this year, we Iraq veterans will spend the day thinking about more than our friends we lost in battle, but also about those who survived them.

    Hey, kids, remember: Memorial Day is not just for the veterans!
    Memorial Day is not just about the veterans that died and were injured or returned (healthy) from various wars, but for the families that sacrificed so much to make sure that your happy behind had or has a chance to walk around.  Memorial Day started as a tribute to the Union survivors of the Civil War; since then, it has expanded as a holiday to to honor all of the dead of various wars.  Perhaps you could take just a moment to honor the living and dead soldiers of your country today.  Not that you should emulate me, but I will be doing my best to keep the word out.  Thus this is, for today, my humble offering for both the living and the dead.


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