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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    How People Get Large

    Oh, you're going to LOVE this .
    This small storefront restaurant in a black community on the edge of downtown Atlanta is where serious lovers of Southern cuisine have come for their regular fix of comfort foods for more than half a century. It also represents the kind of eateries all over the South that provide the greatest challenge to doctors and nutritionists fighting to change the calorie-laden, fat-filled diets of Southerners.

    Found on Sun  Via, of course, Fark.
    One of the most popular items on the menu at Mulligan's bar in suburban Decatur, Ga., is the ``hamdog,'' a half-pound of hamburger meat wrapped around a hotdog, which is deep-fried and served on a hoagie topped with chili, bacon and a fried egg. The bar also offers the ``Luther,'' a half-pound burger served with bacon and cheese on a Krispy Kreme donut, and, for dessert, fried Twinkies, two deep-fried Kap'n Crunch-coated Twinkies topped with chocolate and cherry sauce.
    Dear God in Heaven!  Can that be true?
    I can feel my arteries harden just be READING that.


    ringloss said...

    "Luther" as in "Vandross"?

    mrg said...

    did they name that before Vandross died of stroke complications? I like how Goff from Mulligans said that they can't really measure the calories/fat content....must've gone off the scales, yikes.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my God..They don't eat that do they...but don't worry, the onion makes it okay to eat..kills all the bad stuff.

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