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    Monday, January 15, 2007

    Free Online Education

    Culled from the web, and in keeping with my responsibility to keep the world informed and educationed (ok, it's merely a goal, not a responsibility), here is a whole page devoted to free online education which might prove valuable to many.
    Here's are the topics:
    Berkeley Courses With Video Lectures
    Sites Offering Free Courses
    Free Online Documentaries
    Learn Languages on iTunes
    Educational Videos
    Education With Podcasting
    Useful Free Software For Students
    Web 2.0 For Students
    Reference Sites
    Ask Questions
    Tiny Flash Freeware
    Free Ebooks
    Learn Languages
    Free Ear Training Software
    Not kidding.  This is a valuable resource.  Use it. 
    Give your thanks to this guyJimmy Ruska.  Many thanks, indeed.


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