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    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Surge and Accelerate?!

    Well, according to The Today Show this morning (link does not go to the story), our President George W. Bush is about to unveil his new plan for Iraq.  And it is:
    "Surge and Accelerate".
    Surge and Accelerate?
    Are you kidding?
    Has anyone noticed that major plans that emerge from this Administration for the Iraq War tend to come in little sound bites?  Shock and Awe.  Surge and Accelerate.  Who's writing these soundbites?  A business graduate of NJ Jesuit High School?  President Bush needs to fire his marketing people and start again with someone that wants to do a bunch of proposals with puppies.  Everyone likes puppies.
    Seriously, though, the idea of Surge and Accelerate is to actually send more troops and equipment to the area under the theory - and I do say theory - that presumably the U.S. can achieve a final victory in Iraq.  My bet is that the American people will not want a surge of more troops; in fact, it seems to me that the results on Election Day 2006 probably show that the American people are not interested in putting MORE bodies into Iraq; they are probably more interested in putting LESS bodies there.  No one wants to see more U.S. casualties.  Americans as a whole don't like to see body bags or Humvees blowing up on a daily basis in our supercharged national, cable, local, and Internet media. 
    I wonder if Surge and Accelerate will actually happen.
    Although I'm not sure that it can be stopped.


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