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    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    Google Groups

    I simply must give a shout out to someone that really helped me out today.

    You see, today I realized that Firefox was simply not rendering my blog correctly in Blogger.  Must I mention again that I'm an enormous Firefox, and for that matter, open source fan?  Imagine my horror.

    Enter Google Groups.  Enter the Blogger Help Group.  From "wasted":

    Incorrect commenting in the Stylesheet.

    What?!  Isn't this in HTML?!

    That's the way HTML comments are written, but NOT css comments. CSS
    comments begin with /* and end with */ as the lines above it are.

    Either remove that line or comment it out correctly.
    /* below main changed from 410px t0 400px, sidebar changed from 210px
    to 180px */

    Different browsers handle errors differently, in Firefox's case, that
    error causes a lot of the CSS that follows the error to not render.  

    So, for this gem of information, you wasted, and you, Google Groups, get a plug from Clark.  wasted, I wish that you had a website for me to plug.  Thanks for your help.

    1 Comment:

    txdave said...

    Interesting comments, but prose too gray--maybe some variety in font/format, some pics, see wht I mean:

    good luck


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