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    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    First Google Checkout, Now This

    You might remember a previous post about Google Checkout, the service that competes with Paypal and thus has caused rifts between two Internet giants - Google, and eBay.
    Look for a launch announcement by Amazon this week or next of a new web service around payments, adding to their S3 (storage), EC2 (virtual server) and other services. They've been quietly testing the service, which will compete with PayPal and Google Checkout, for a few weeks. It is an extension of the existing Amazon Payments , which allows third parties selling items on Amazon's extended network to receive payments from buyers.
    Techcrunch for the win.
    Have you been getting the feeling that Amazon is slowly, but surely, sneaking up on us all?
    I love the competition, personally. 
    Things are about to get ugly up in here.


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