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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Google Checkout - Paypal Competition?

    Competition for Paypal?  Surely this must be a good thing.

    Internet search engine giant Google has announced a system to pay over the internet in an attempt to become an even more prominent player in internet shopping.

    The widely anticipated move puts it in direct competition with one of its largest advertisers, the auction website eBay, which owns leading internet payment service PayPal. The system, called Google Checkout, allows consumers to buy things over the web without constantly having to enter their account details.

    Grabbed via
    Verrry interesting.  But I wanted more info.  So I went to the source:
    One cool feature of Google Checkout is that you can buy from stores with a single Google login – no more entering the same info each time you buy, and no more having to remember different usernames and passwords for each store. To help you find places to shop, you'll see a little icon on the ads of stores offering Google Checkout. It's an easy way to identify fast, secure places to shop when you search. And after you've placed your order, Google Checkout provides a purchase history where you can track your orders and shipping information in one place.

    Because we see big benefits for shoppers as the service grows, our immediate priority is to help more online stores join Jockey, Starbucks Store, Levi's, Dockers,, Timberland, Zales, and others to offer Checkout on their sites. To keep website integration simple, we've built a range of integration alternatives such as cut and paste buy buttons, pre-integrated ecommerce partner offerings, and an API that supports more advanced integration.
    That's the Official Google Blog, by the way.

    Sounds cool.
    When I get a chance to actually use it, I'll get back to you.  I'm not sure it's a Paypal killer, but it certainly sounds like it could have some interesting applications in the future.
    What can't Google do, anyway?
    Personally, I think they're on the verge of building the Planentary AC, but that's just me. 
    Big props to whoever actually gets that reference.




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