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    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Stem Cells? Hell No, Says Pope

    Not again.
    God's Rottweiler is taking yet another bite out of science with the announcement that any scientist who engages in stem cell research of any kind will be excommunicated. The same goes for any politician who votes in favor of legislation permitting such research to take place.
    Props to Sploid.  Word.
    Again, I refuse to bag on anyone's religion.  Whether you worship the God of Abraham, the God of Allah, trees or Pan, everyone needs something.  Spirituality of a type is key.  It helps humans to muddle through the escalating freakiness of today's world.  But stem cells?!
    Properly researched and used properly, stem cells can possibly save lives.
    Does anyone have a problem with that?  Really?



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