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    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    A Movie Script

    This is what I want.  Last night, I had a flash of an idea:
    Vampires vs. Zombies - The Movie.
    Imagine the beauty of this idea.  Bloodthirsty vampires!  Flesh eating zombies!  We'll add a few pockets left of human resistance.  No, let me tell you: this is perfect.
    More perfect than Snakes On A Plane.  Which, naturally, assumes that's possible, of course.
    I even have a tagline:
    Vampires vs. Zombies - With Mankind As The Ultimate Prize!
    I can't decide who I want to star in this more:  Nicholas Cage or Samuel L. Jackson.  I considered Bruce Willis and Ice Cube as well, of course.
    I want royalties.  Don't steal my idea.  I'll be watching.
    Maybe I'll just write the movie myself.


    ringloss said...

    So, what happens when a zombie bites a vampire, and when a vampire bites a zombie.

    By the way, having either of those result in some sort of super hybrid creature would be lame.

    elvira said...

    Condi can be the vampire, George can be the zombie. Condi would win.

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