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    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    $150 My Booty

    Have an idea?  Is it booze-related?  People will buy it.
    Modern Spirits is adding all sorts of crap to their vodkas in an effort to give demanding consumers a customized tipple at an equally impressive price. At $150, you'd better be thinking long and hard which flavors you want in this booze.
    Gizmodo, who I haven't linked in a bit, deserves the credit for this one.
    Perhaps I've been working too hard.  I'm changing my life's goal.
    My new goal is:
    To have a favorable article written about me or one of my products in Gizmodo.
    I personally think that it's an achievable goal.  I've got ideas, (I even have a product out there or two), now I have to do is sell.  Directly.  To Gizmodo.


    ringloss said...

    Just FYI, creating your own flavored vodkas is stupidly easy. On the level of:
    1) Put flavory stuff into vodka
    2) let sit
    3) drink

    Sometimes as complicated as:
    1) Put flavory stuff into vodka
    2) boil sugarwater
    3) put sugar water into vodka
    4) let sit
    5) drink

    Anonymous said...

    I'll give the $150 custom job a miss. I prefer to do it myself, it's more fun. I wish the makers of Lindt chocolate would come up with a syrup mixer.

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