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    Monday, June 26, 2006

    Warren Buffett

    "Brace yourself," Buffett warned with a grin. He then described a momentous change in his thinking. Within months, he said, he would begin to give away his Berkshire Hathaway fortune, then and now worth well over $40 billion.

    This news was indeed stunning. Buffett, 75, has for decades said his wealth would go to philanthropy but has just as steadily indicated the handoff would be made at his death. Now he was revising the timetable.

    "I know what I want to do," he said, "and it makes sense to get going." On that spring day his plan was uncertain in some of its details; today it is essentially complete. And it is typical Buffett: rational, original, breaking the mold of how extremely rich people donate money.

    via Fortune.
    Why can't other extremely wealthy people do things like this?  Well, besides the Gates', of course.  God, I love linking to that website.
    As much as I think it would be extremely cool to donate a little bit of that cash to me, man, do you have to hand those people their props.  Serious props.  Sometimes, humanity, in all it's amazing cruelty and it's wonderful philanthropy can make your jaw drop to the ground.



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