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    Monday, October 22, 2007

    You Can Certainly Tell That There's Never Been A World Series In Colorado

    Obviously, the Colorado Rockies are rookies when it comes the mad crush of ticket demand generated by the World Series.

    DENVER (AP) -- The Colorado Rockies suspended World Series ticket sales Monday after overwhelming demand crashed their computer system.

    "Right now we're shutting the system down," club spokesman Jay Alves announced outside Coors Field, drawing boos from fans. "We expect to be online at some point."

    "We're as frustrated and disappointed as they are," Alves said.

    Alves had said last week that the Rockies were prepared for any computer problems.

    On Monday, there were 8.5 million attempts to connect with the computers in the first 90 minutes after sales started, he said, and only several hundred tickets had been sold before the system had to be shut down.


    Were I the person in charge of coming up with the online system used to sell World Series tickets, probably the first thing that I would do is find the largest ticket selling organization that I could, and then mimic their e-commerce solution as fast as possible.  That there were 8.5 million requests/hits in 90 minutes isn't the slightest bit shocking.  The poor Rockies crashed their own site, effectively fashioning their own Denial of Service attack.

    As I speak, the streets around Coors Field are closed as hundreds of fans are clamoring the ticket offices looking for tickets.

    Ah, I love baseball in October.

    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    I plan on watching from the sofa or the Ogden St. S., and maybe standing on our roof to watch the fireworks after. At least, I'm hoping there's the Rockies-won-the-game fireworks.

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