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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    A Halloween Shout Out To My Fans

    I haven't done a shout out to my fans for a while, so while I'm in the midst of doing yet more changes (as you can tell by the various updates on my sidebars), I figured that I'd do a little shout to some of the fans that I've got out in the world. So, hello to:

    Colorado:  Denver, Westminster, Fort Collins, Grand Junction (Go Rockies!)
    Massachusetts:  Randolph, Lawrence, Woburn, Boston (those New England Patriots are crazy good, aren't they?)
    Tennessee:  Madison
    British Columbia:  Victoria
    Ontario:  Newmarket, Hamilton
    Arizona:  Phoenix
    Nevada:  Las Vegas
    California:  San Luis Obisco (Hi, Kim!), San Francisco, Mountain View (say hello to Google, everyone!), and Upland
    Ohio, Urbana, Columbus, Perryburg
    Juarez, Mexico (been there, done that.  If you go to college in Texas, this is a stop for you)
    Washington:  Redmond and Seattle (waves to MSN)
    Florida:  Leesburg, St. Petersburg (I dated a girl from there, a long, long, time ago), Miami, Melbourne, Sanford, and Vero Beach
    Georgia:  Augusta and Hot-lanta
    Minnesota:  Minneapolis
    New York:  Manhattan, Huntington Station, Saratoga Springs, Mastic
    Tel Aviv(!)
    London, Loughborogh, Glascow
    Paris (oh, how I must go to the Louvre )
    Bredene and Brussells
    Indiana:  South Bend and Bloomington
    Bangalore and Calcutta (no, I'm not kidding)
    Providence, RI
    Texas:  Carrolton and Dallas
    Gatton and Sydney, Australia
    Pittsburgh and Erie
    Virginia:  Richmond
    Orland Park and Oak Brook, Illinois
    and finally... Kansas City, Kansas. I have relatives there.  I love you all.

    Thanks for all your continuing support, people.  I, and POW, appreciate it.


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