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    Friday, April 11, 2008

    How To Weed Out The Truly Stupid

    It's quite simple really.  Get them a camera phone, sit back, and see what happens.

    On their own videotape, six Polk County girls laughed in another girl's face as they beat her so badly she was hospitalized. Friday in court, they hung their heads in shame.

    Not only will the girls be tried as adults for their videotaped attack, they'll also have a hard time getting out of jail. The judge made a pretty strong statement to the kids Friday. Judge Angela Cowden doubled the normal bond for all eight teens.Each is now held on anywhere from $31,000 to $37,000 for kidnapping and battery and Friday many of their parents told Eyewitness News they can't afford to get their kids out.

    Really?  Nice.
    The sweet, sweet justice is reported by, with a hat tip to Fark.

    When the deal goes down, I'm hoping that the judge doles out a little justice to the parents as well.  I wouldn't have said that, but after watching one of the parents of the precious little snowflakes talk about how it was the victims fault on The Today Show the other day, I lost my compassion.

    Here's a tip for you parents:
    Turn the TV off and pay attention to your freakin' kids, please.


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