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    Friday, April 22, 2005

    Blog Maintenance

    Lots to do.

    First, the introduction of new stuff.

    In the Blog category:

    McSweeney's - Good writing. I can't write like 99% of these people. Fortunately, the world doesn't just value talent. However, when I want to expand the size of my head with actual stuff that may, MAY be good for it, I go here.

    Daily Kos - This is a partisan liberal blog - probably the biggest and most successful. There's a HUGE community there. Simply agree that it's an inspiring sight to take in. Check out the Diaries, as that's where most of the action is.

    The Agitator - Another political blog (although don't get the idea that I'm too political - pretty much I get sick of all that crap after a while) this one with a libertarian bent. This guy's is pretty cool. I've been reading this forever, it seems like.

    T'mornin' - She's a friend. What can I say? She's just a single mom trying to survive.

    All of these peeps get added to the blogroll. Maybe someone will notice that I exist. I also added a sitemeter. Why? Probably cause I don't get enough spam.

    Update - Just remember, just cause I mentioned all these cool blogs don't mean that I always agree with all opines therein. Okeydokey? Just so you know... and knowing is half the battle.

    1 Comment:

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