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    Monday, April 25, 2005

    Marcus Camby for Secretary of Defense

    Nuggets beat the Spurs, 93-87 .
    I have said it before, and  I will say it again:
    Last night they proved it.  Sure, it took one of the most dismal 4th quarter shooting performances in recent playoff memory, but the Nuggets won.  Why?  Several reason, not the least of which, though, is free throw shooting.  The Nuggets can hit from the stripe, while the Spurs don't as well.  Simple as that.
    It's only Game 1.
    But the Spurs are the least of the Nuggets problems in the Western Conference.  Problem No. 1 is the Phoenix Suns, who usually win even when they don't play well.  This team is Problem No. 2, even without their Michigan connection. 

    1 Comment:

    J said...

    you right the nuggets can beat the spurs but they have a long way to go. Although, I have to disagree with you about the Suns think they will struggle with the winner of hou/dal.

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