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    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Starring...Vince Vaughn?

    So, more movie remakes in the offing.  Hollywood is close remaking the classic Hitchcock thriller, "The Birds".  I loved that movie.  I remember it actually scared the HELL out of me when I was a kid.

    The bad news?  The company that is negotiating to remake the movie is owned by the man who produced and directed this.
    And this.
    Lots of things will be exploding, I'm sure.  We'll be seeing the censored version of this film every week on F/X, starting in, oh, 2008.


    J said...

    I'm sure "the Birds" will be for the birds. hahahaha. Anyways, I'm more interested in the resurrection of the musical. I guess Andre 3000 just signed a deal to make a music epic. It's offical he is the new Prince and that makes me happy! play on playa.

    L said...

    you lik me, I link you....

    but write me so I know who I'm linking who refers to me (blushing) as a friend... please?

    L said...

    *****"you LINK me, I link you...."

    Anonymous said...

    Make with the posts!

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