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    Tuesday, November 08, 2005


    This cannot be.
    Cardinal Paul Poupard, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said the Genesis description of how God created the universe and Darwin's theory of evolution were "perfectly compatible" if the Bible were read correctly.

    His statement was a clear attack on creationist campaigners in the US, who see evolution and the Genesis account as mutually exclusive.

    Via The Australian. Mad props to Technorati.

    Wait a minute.  Did I read about this last week?  Oh, no, not exactly.
    Cardinal Paul Poupard, who heads the Pontifical Council for Culture ( search), made the comments at a news conference on a Vatican project to help end the "mutual prejudice" between religion and science that has long bedeviled the Roman Catholic Church and is part of the evolution debate in the United States.
    Via Fark.
    Ok.  Wait a second.  Who is this Cardinal Paul Poupard guy?  Hmm.  This bears watching; something is afoot.  Is one of the Big Culture Wars about to REALLY get started?
    Best to buy duct tape, water, and plastic.

    And Ramen.

    1 Comment:

    lazyj said...

    Chicken flavor Ramon is by far the best. You have to be careful with ramon its very high in sodium.

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