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    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

    The remarkably dependable Consumerist comes to bat for you and reminds you about tax deductions that you should NOT miss.
    1. State sales taxes.
    2. $250 educators' expenses.
    3. College tuition.
    4. Student loan interest paid by mom and dad.
    5. Out-of-pocket charitable contributions.
    6. Moving expense to take first job.
    7. Military reservists travel expenses.
    8. Child-care credit.
    9. Estate tax on income in respect of a decedent
    10. State tax you paid last spring.
    11. Refinancing points.
    12. Reinvested dividends
    13. Jury pay paid to employer.
    Kiplinger's published this first.
    This seems like a fine time to post this as well; here's the information on the Telephone Excise Tax Refund that a shocking amount of American taxpayers will be able to get this year.  Please don't just let this slide, follow up.  Additional information on this refund is all over the Internet.

    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    and if you go to the Consumerist's 50 most overlooked, you'll see:
    24. Gambling losses to the extent of gambling winnings.
    That's a ridiculous deduction and one that's probably near impossible to prove. If you claimed that, you'd probably be in for an audit.

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