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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Your Parrot Wants A Dictionary

    Parrot uses 950 words to converse with people
    Corin says: "An African Grey Parrot called N'kisi has a vocabulary of 950 words and can 'communicate' (as opposed to repeat). He has a sense of humour as well.
    He uses words in context, with past, present and future tenses, and is often inventive.

    One N'kisi-ism was "flied" for "flew", and another "pretty smell medicine" to describe the aromatherapy oils used by his owner, an artist based in New York.

    When he first met Dr Jane Goodall, the renowned chimpanzee expert, after seeing her in a picture with apes, N'kisi said: "Got a chimp?"

    Paging Boing Boing!  You have a link on the white courtesy phone!
    Check out their link.  Seriously, it's very interesting.
    I read this, and all I wanted to do was post this:
    I had to.

    1 Comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Love that pic! That boingboing article has some great links for parrot lovers.

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